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СНПЧ А7 Чебоксары, обзоры принтеров и МФУ

OOO «Agro Bravo» was created in 2006. The main activity of OOO «AGRO-BRAVO» is the processing of milk, the production of natural and fermented milk foods, as well as various kinds of ice cream, skimmed milk powder and fat, natural butter, cheeses "Kolbasniy" and "Gollandskiy", margarines in stock.

And OOO «AGRO-BRAVO» takes a few other activities, such as retail and wholesale trade, provides services to the population.

At the moment, it opened four company stores for the convenience of customers, providing high-quality and quick modern comfortable services to the population, and also there is office with warehouse in Tashkent and it has dealer representatives in other regions of the Republic.

Territory of OOO «AGRO-BRAVO» occupies 1.456 hectares, 0.8 hectares of which takes place production facilities and buildings associated with the production cycle. The existing buildings and erections are fully involved in the production process. Initial Statutory Fund OOO «AGRO- BRAVO» had 681 790.5 thousand sums and at the moment i.e. in 2014 Statutory Fund has 1886 938.7 thousand sums.

In the initial stage of activity in OOO «AGRO-BRAVO» worked 10 persons, 300 liters of milk were converted in a day. From this processed milk were produced only four kinds of dairy products.

Later in 2010 the company converted 20,000 liters of milk per day, producing 15 types of dairy products. In the production process worked 47 workers and employees. During the year dairy products were produced in 3.8 billion sums and were delivered to customers.

In 2011 OOO «AGRO-BRAVO» daily converted in average 30,000 liters of milk, more than 20 types of dairy products were produced in 5.1 billion sums and delivered to customers. In 2011the number of employees reached 60 people, the number of young specialists was about 50% of the total staff, 20 persons of which were graduates of professional and technical colleges, consisting of 33% of the total number of staff.

During 2010-2011 OOO «AGRO-BRAVO» has taken measures for modernization, renovation, and the introduction of new high-tech equipments, for the above described events were invested 1.5 billion sums. These funds are expended by the Company's profit. In 2010-2011was purchased and installed "line for the production and packaging of milk powder," produced in Ukraine, power generation is 4 tons of dry milk per day, which is the only in the territory of the Samarkand region and near lying areas. Currently, the line works and produces high-quality milk powder. And also in 2011, was purchased and installed "line for the production and packaging of condensed milk" produced by "DOYPAK" state of India. Currently, the line works and produces high quality condensed milk, bottled and packaged under vacuum, which is a competitive product, similar to imported product delivered to our people. On the issue of export of this new and modern production are held negotiations with partners from the CIS.

In 2012 OOO «AGRO-BRAVO» was purchased four kinds of modern high-tech equipments, these plans were implemented, society created 20 new working places and began to produce another 5 new dairy products. On the new working places were signed trilateral contracts with 10 graduates of professional and technical colleges. In 2012 in the process of expanding of production rate of growth was 30%.

The company "Agro Bravo" manufactures products in accordance with GOST, Tsh, O'zDst that correspond national requirements to this production. All products are certified and have the relevant documents.

The company has implemented a quality management system 2012-2013, in accordance with O'z DstlSO 9001: 2009, which is harmonized with the international standard ISO 9001: 2008. The company OOO "Agro Bravo" has certified testing laboratory, which defines the quality of the products and its safety.

In OOO "Agro Bravo" work 90 people. During 2012- 201312 people have received training courses in the field of quality management system.

In 2014 the equipment was purchased for the production of ice cream on a stick purchased in Europe in 923.0 thousand euro. This year it plans to enter this line, which gives us to increase jobs for 20 people especially young people graduate from college and manufacture of ice cream in assortment, and also it plans to upgrade equipment for the production of dairy products. Our company strives to introduce new technology to improve production.

Through the adoption of April 7, 2014 the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan № UP-4609 "On additional measures to further improve the investment climate and business environment in the Republic of Uzbekistan" OOO «AGROBRAVO» was provided by additional opportunities for further expansion and development of its own production.

In particular, since July 1 2014for the food industry increased limit average annual number of employees of small businesses up to 200 people, which will allow us to further create jobs and expand the range of our quality dairy products in 2015 to 10 - 15 kinds.

Our motto is quality

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